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Tablet Woven Band


My first tablet woven band after the latest round of classes. It is also the longest single tablet woven band, and all done in the same mind numbing pattern, 4F/4B, all 40 odd inches of it.

I had measured 47″ (maybe, I forgot, but I think that’s what it is) on the loom, but off loom and relaxed, it was only about 42″. That is 10% take up! It’s one thing to be told to expect take up but to actually measure it out, it hits home. This mattered because I wanted finished ends, not just cut to length. Good thing I spaced out and wove extra on the extra that I already planned for.

What is it for? It will be a the band for a D-Ring belt. It’s a sample for a more complex pattern that I have in mind. This was made with #10 crochet cotton. The real thing might be tencel. I haven’t decided yet.