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On The Go Spinning Kit

This post falls under “Things you learn at SOAR, but not during class”.


John pulled one of these out one night while we were yakking and spinning. What is it? It looks like a giant suppository, doesn’t it.

It’s an extension cord safety seal for outdoor extension cords. It keeps the cords from pulling apart and protects the junction from the elements..


But, as you can see, it’s also the perfect size to hold a Golding Micro 2″ RingSpindle along with some silk.


And here it is with my Golding Napalese Manadala spindle.

You know what I like best about it? It keeps the hook end of the business away from my silk supply and messing it up!




Tablet Woven Band


  1. Mel

    Very cool!

  2. sara lamb

    hah! Yet another thing! to! have!

    And since I just might have a 2″ micro (or two) this will be perfect :).

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