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Timber Frame

Timber Frame Vest in progress - outsideHere’s my variation to the Philosopher’s Wool Timber Frame pattern. I’m making it with Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair in Moss and Raven. I’m following their instructions for weaving in the yarn. There is absolutely nothing to snag fingers on!

Timber Frame Vest in progress - insideI still need to work on my tension. The outside looks slightly corrugated because my right hand tends to knit a little tighter than my left (I normally knit continental). So even while weaving, I’m pulling that stitch in a little tight (indented). I’m glad that I decided to do a “practice” garmet before tackling the Kilim Jacket. Hopefully, I’ll figure out how much tension to put in by that time.

I’ll be cutting this into a shaped armhole with a V-neck vest. I can’t wait. Since I’m so short, I’ll be making it a lot shorter than what the pattern calls for, so I’m about 1/2 way there already. I had thought of starting the Timber Frame pattern part way up so that I can get to the shorter repeats near the shoulder, but I decided to try it just as it is and see how it comes out. There’s always the next time.


I’m finally plying that painted silk rovings that I spindle spun. I’m plying on my new Golding drop spindle. It’s one of 2 that I got for Christmas. (Blue Flower and Purpleheart) Wow! These things spin forever! So far, I still haven’t got the hang of spinning wool rovings with these babies because they are much heavier than the spindles that I’m used to. But they are perfect for plying the silk.

Finished skein: approx. 25 grams, 440 yards.
Photo 1
Photo 2

Fiber Cats

I’ve noticed that most fibery and knitty folks seem to have cats and show quite a few gratuitous kitty pictures, so I’ve decided to offer a little eye candy for the kitties … Flo Control. You can watch the daily/hourly adventures of Squirrel and Alexia (Flo has already left for kitty heaven) by following the Today’s Events link on the Flo Watch page.


Marching Along


Mom’s Socks!

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  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. Timber Frame looks good. I bet it’s a lot softer made out of the Mountain Mohair.

    I’m jealous that you got to attend a PW sweater workshop. I took a class from Ann and Eugene where they taught their two-handed knitting and the braiding technique with a small purse pattern. I would love to see more about completing the sweaters in person. I have the video, I should pull it out and watch it again.

    I hope that you don’t wait as long as I did to begin knitting. It really wasn’t bad once I made up my mind. Now I just need to use that courage to finish.

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