I didn’t like my faroese styled shawl. It’s been 3 years since I made it. I’ve never worn it. It was time.

So I ripped it and started a mindless, knit whenever project. I started it nearly a year ago as a hospital project. Dad was in for a minor day surgery at Stanford. It was fortuitous that I started with the red yarn instead of Cal blue.

MiteredStackI had purchased enough Silk Garden Sock years ago to make 2 stripey shawls: 3 each of S8 (green-blue-purple) and S64 (pink-red-orange), and 6 of S269 (natural). I will update the quantity above as I actually use the skeins.

My blanket will be an interpretation of the Mitered Cross Blanket for Japan.

  • I will not be making crosses. They don’t speak to me. The miters are solid. There may be an odd 2 colored miters as I feel like it.
  • It will be a traditional stacked quilt squares rather than staggered. I like symmetry.
  • Silk Garden Sock makes smaller blocks than the regular Silk Garden. My blocks are 10”x10”. Nominally, mine will consist of 20 blocks (4×5), or until I get bored, or run out of yarn.

So far, 6 blocks from 2 skeins of S84.