I love the show MythBusters, but I have a something that you will never find featured, dissected, and blown up on the show.

I have always heard (*) that if you are spinning yarn for crochet, the yarn should be spun opposite of how you need to spin for hand knitting. Typical yarn is spun Z then plied S. The saying goes that crochet will twist the yarn in the Z direction, therefore, unply your yarn. For this reason. You have to spin S then ply Z.

* I don’t know where it came from, but I read it on the internet.

I’ve been crocheting all those hexes and it just dawned on me today to take a careful look at my working yarn. I spun this yarn without any project in mind so it was spun just the normal Z then S. Nope. It hasn’t tried to unply itself as I’m working along. In fact, the yarn still looks fine and just as sound as it was when I first spun it.


As with all things found on the internet, you should take it with a grain of salt and test it out yourself before you make any decisions.

I’m really enjoying crocheting this. I had forgotten how much fun crocheting is. I need to dig out some of my old crochet pattern booklets.