I’ve been plugging away at my coverlet squares for the Coverlet Exchange. Not much to show yet, unfortunately.

A few things I’m learning along the way…

  • I can’t seem to get “square” for the life of me. Good thing that my overshot pattern is asymmetrical and the lack of squareness isn’t immediately obvious.
  • In an attempt to make the weaving more square, I changed my sett from 18 to 16. It looks better. I can sett it even wider, but my weaving width is now 16″, the target width of our squares. (I’m getting around 2″ of draw in.)
  • I am weaving a bit longer than the aim of 16″ with the idea that the fabric will shrink in length a bit once it is off tension. I am weaving anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″ longer. It’s easier for the recipient to cut off the extra lengths than to figure out what to do without.
  • There is a large variety of weights of pattern yarn in the exchange. Anything from nearly DK to heavy lace.
  • The thickness of the pattern yarn isn’t as much of a factor as the squish factor (loft).
  • I’ve been re-teaching myself how to throw my shuttle, with my palm up, rather than palm down, and catching it with my palm up too. This has resulted in a lot of missed catches and drops. I may need to buff some of the dings from my shuttles when this is over.