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Ode to the Lowly Index Card

I’ve been trying to do a little bit of art everyday, but I’ve been failing miserably. Then I came across the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge.

Create something on a simple index card. Anything. A poem. A scribble. A story. Stitch it. Paint it. Collage it. Or any combination of them. It doesn’t matter. Just create something on an index card.

The challenge runs from June 1 (tomorrow!) through July 31. A mere 2 months. 61 days.

Since the medium is cheap, readily available and small, it doesn’t intimidate the same way a large blank (artist quality) canvas would.

My only personal rule for this challenge is to use only what I have on hand. I will not buy anything specifically to work on this challenge. However, I can use the by-product of something I purchased for some other purpose. I’m thinking receipts or leftover scraps from a sewing project, etc.

I have a huge stash of index cards because I find them so handy for all sorts of stuff. I have watercolor pencils and paints. I have ink and stamps. I have glue, fabric and yarn (oh, boy! do I have fabric and yarn!)

Let the challenge begin!

P.S. I don’t think I will be joining the Flickr group. I may or may not post my cards on any regular basis. I haven’t thought that far out yet. The important thing is to create!




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  1. This sounds really fun! Can’t wait to see what you do. I’m going to give this a try come August.

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