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Earbud Cozy

earbudsI know. It sounds silly. It is silly. Especially if you consider that I’m using Koigu with size 1 needles. But really, I’ve been thinking about this almost since the first day I got these bluetooth earbuds. I tend to “glow” during these warmer days, the silicone flat cord sticks to the back of my neck and get stuck. Sometimes sticky enough that one of the earbuds pull out when I turn my head too quickly. Hence the cozy.

Knitted 5 stitch i-cord around the flat cord with leftover Koigu on #1 needles.

Le Tour

I had forgotten completely about Le Tour until I saw what a few of my friends are spinning for Le Tour. I’ve decided to unofficially enter the race — just follow along and spin a little bit everyday. What am I spinning now?


Merino/Silk from RedFish Dyeworks. The colors remind me of fabric that has just been pulled out of an indigo bath and started the magic of changing from chartreuse to green to blue.

I’m also halfway through the annual Index Card A Day challenge. You can see some of my sketches on the right margin, near the bottom. This year, I’ve decided to just focus on my sketches and continue to improve my skills instead of trying to expand out into multimedia. I’m just not very good with stamping, gluing, taping. That’s just not where my interests lay. I want to sketch and watercolor. Since the index cards make very disappointing watercolor base, I have been primarily focused on ink and coloring pencils.


I stumbled upon Carla Sonheim‘s website earlier this week and have been completely captivated by her approach to just having fun with drawing and painting. I took a stab at it for yesterday’s index card.


It really is liberating and fun when you aren’t trying so hard at realism and just focus on the fun and whimsy.

It rained today…a rarity in drought stricken California. The fallen flowers and leaves provided ample opportunities for another one of Carla’s exercises — Blob Hunting. You know how sometimes you walk by something and think, that looks like Nixon’s nose! Or a unicorn. Or a Hippopotamus in a tutu. That’s what it feels like. Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop. I forced myself to stop at 4 blob sketches in 10 steps.


Can you tell what the blobs were originally? What do you see in them? I can’t wait to play with these later!

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