I dreamed of peacocks and triangular shawls last night. Must be the effect of the MS3. The gap between the time I finished Clue 1 and when Clue 2 is posted seemed interminable. I need something else to do. Sweaters are too hot to have on my lap during the heat wave we are experiencing. Socks aren’t grabbing my attention. MS3 has my lace juices going again. I need more!

That must be why I was dreaming of lace. But peacocks? I have no idea, except that I was looking at a fir cone pattern the other day and thought that it might look like the eye on the peacock feathers. Would you believe that I even dreamed of the chart? I think I can draft out what I dreamed last night in about an hour with Barbara Walker and some graph paper.

This morning, I took a look at the web. Lo and behold! Fiddlestick Knitting already has a Peacock Feathers Shawl. It is very different from what I envisions, but gorgeous, nonetheless. It will definitely go on my project to do list. I have some variations that I want to make, but wow. That pattern makes me salivate.

Back to my dream pattern. I went back to Google Images and searched for peacocks. I realized that what I had envisioned didn’t really look like a peacock in full display. What I was dreaming was more like if you take individual feathers and placed them next to each other like a wing. It’ll still be interesting, but I like Fiddlestick’s better.

Does that mean I’ll abandon mine? No. I still want to play with it. Will it work out? I don’t know. We’ll see.