The upside of an unusually warm winter is that I can continue to use my drying rack out of doors. I have both of my drying racks full of hand wash.

The red skeins you see on the right are from my earlier post on all the red silk blends I found in my stash. Well, actually, not all. I kept back a single braid of warm red to use as weft. (It’s probably the center braid in the photo.) There’s a hair over 1 pound of yarn there.

The 2 ply yarn ranged from 36 to 44 wpi, before washing. The ones with camel and cashmere were the 36 wpi. I will have to remeasure after they dry. I am sure they will have fluffed up even more. I didn’t shock the yarn; I just whacked them on the edge of the sink after squeezing the water out of them. I will full them a bit more after the fabric comes off the loom.

There is 1 skein of 50/50 cashmere/silk, and 1 skein of 25/25/50 baby camel, merino, and silk (50/50 camel silk  plied with 50/50 merino/silk). Those 2 skeins make up a bit more than half of the finished yarn. The other 2 skeins are all 50/50 merino/silk. I plan to alternate every other thread of the merino/silk with the exotic. Since the color is different between the camel and cashmere, I will likely have the cashmere straddle the camel on the outside.

The warp will be 50/50 merino/silk singles that you see on the right. The singles are about 75-80 wpi. Thus far, I’ve spun up about 2 oz. of the red and 1 oz. of black. I have 2 more oz. of red that I will spin if I need more.

Why didn’t I spin all of it? I want to put the warp on and try out what I have thus far. I’m holding the other 2 oz. back in case I have to do something slightly different. And if I’m really far off, I still have about 8 oz. of plain white 50/50 merino/silk roving from the jacket project that I can dye up and spin.

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  1. can’t wait to see how this works out. I’m putting a warp on right now from handspun in reds – I’m looking for a little bit of turquoise to add a few narrow stripes on one side as an accent. I’m not sure about what to use for weft – I have some polwarth silk that I could dye and spin up.

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