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I’m back! Fabulous Trip. Catching a cold half way through the trip? Not so fabulous. But wow, it’s gorgeous out there!

Remember the Monk’s Bag? Perfect. It became my day bag while I was on the boat. It held all the little stuff that you need through out the day: lip balm, hair clip/band, Kindle, dive notebook, camera and swimsuit wrap. It allowed me to  carry it around in a nice neat package instead of stuff hanging out all over.

It also saved me because I made a slight miscalculation in my packing and needed to check my carry on rolling bag. I was able to pull a few necessities out of the bag before checking it and put it into the Monk’s Bag.

And a slight clarification on the length of the strap…it’s too short to wear it across your chest, a la messenger bag, but perfect length when just slung over one shoulder.

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  1. Just got a chance to look through the pics. Beautiful! Glad you had such a great time. Nasty bit about that attacking trigger fish!

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