black line as of 20 July (grey line shows progress as of 16 July)

As you can see, I’m making slow and steady progress.

But I’m at a crossroad.

I have just finished the last round of the last chevron increase at the edge of each panel in the pattern. I need to make a decision on whether to continue with the pattern as written, which sets me up to the finish line.

Or, I start another chevron set to make the shawl larger.

The shawl will already be fairly good sized. Making it larger will make the finished shawl huge. But, I also have a lot of yarn left. I hate to see any of this yarn go to waste.

Just how much yarn do I have left? I used up 2.25 oz of the 9+ oz of yarn to date. And based on my calculations, I’m just shy of the half way point (49.1% for those who must know), sans edging. I don’t expect the edging to take up a huge amount of yarn — an ounce at most.

So, I ask you, should I start another chevron? Or should I just head for the finish line? Please leave your vote in the comments. I have guild today so I will not likely get back to the shawl until Friday.