I spent a glorious weekend in Celia Quinn’s Spin Basics and Silk classes. You know how it goes. You get to spin a whole lot of different fibers with different methods. You come home with all these odd bits of fiber and yarn. You put it all away, and then, a year later, you ask yourself…now, what was that silk blend we played with and how did it spin up?

Which would you rather look up?

Class NotebookClass Samples

Celia had us bring a photo album (I brought a scrapbook) with tape and cards. A few minutes spent in class produces something like what you see on the left. On the right? Samples from another silk class that I took two years ago at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. (Do I get points for at least knowing exactly where to find the pouch of samples, and laying my hands on them on the first try?)
Honest, I did intend to put it all in a notebook. I may still. Maybe.

But now, seeing the end results, I will definitely bring a keeper notebook with tape and labeling materials in the future. Even if I just spend an hour the evening of the class cleaning things up. I’ll have a better chance at remembering what it was that I did.

Live and learn.