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Fleet Week

My club had a cruise out to Aquatic Park in San Francisco to watch the Fleet Week festivities and the Blue Angels perform. I loaded up my boat with enough food to feed an army and wine to sink a, well, a boat. Thankfully, that didn’t happen because I also brought floation devices — 4 knitting projects. You know, just in case I have time between stuffing my face and staring up in the sky.

I even had several knitters that joined me to inspire me: Barb, a knitter extradinaire, and a fellow cruiser; Petra, another fellow cruiser; my sister, Grace; and Karen, who was also my crew for the weekend.

You would think, that with all that time, and inspiration, I would have at least knitted a few rows. The closest I got was unknitting a few rows of Icarus on the leisurely trip home yesterday. Yes, unknitting. I found a mistake several rows back when I picked it up and spent the time unknitting. Thank goodness for autopilots and GPS.

What about the weekend? We had a FABULOUS time. The Blue Angels were spectacular. And we ended the evening with a big chocolate birthday cake for Grace. I had told the girls that they could decorate the cake when Grace, Mark, and Iris arrived, because I wanted Iris to help with the decorations. Wow. The second they arrived by dinghy, they whisked Iris away to their secret mission several boats over. I never got to see Iris to give her a hug until an hour or so later. But the 3 girls did an awesome job of keeping Iris occupied all day, and Iris got to hang out with the big girls. According to Iris, that was her favorite part of the day.

Uh, did you say something about a birthday? Yes, Grace turned 40 yesterday. Hop over and wish her a happy birthday!

That’s all for now. I’ll need a few more days to recover.


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  1. Thanks for hosting. Sorry about the head. We were just blindly following directions. We should have thought a little bit more ahead. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little bit.

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