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Sixth Sense

It must have been my sixth sense that had me write about the wonderful pin-drafted rovings that Shari of Morro Fleece Works provides, because I received a huge box of processed rovings from her yesterday. 12+ pounds worth. 3 fleeces.

Eh-hem. I have to admit that I completely lost track of one of the fleeces that I had sent her. That makes 6 fleeces that I had sent to her for processing. There are still 3 more to come back to me. I think. Are you sure that they don’t multiply in the garage when you aren’t looking?

The rovings are gorgeous, including a Lincoln x Corridale that I tried to process myself. I couldn’t get all the grease out. The small sample that I tried to re-scour ended up badly felted, but still greasy. Shari performed a miracle with these. The rovings feel like clouds of fairy fluff. I can’t wait to play with it. I almost want to jump in and roll around in it, except I don’t want to ruin all that beautiful, fluffy stuff.

Sonja and I are going to Dixon Lamb Town this weekend. I pledge to not buy any more fleeces. Cross my heart. I swear. (I might have my toes crossed on this one.)


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  1. Every year before the Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck I contemplate fleece-buying, with the intention of sending the fleece away for processing. I haven’t actually done it yet because I’ve been in a rush the last 3 years I’ve been there. I probably should be taking your post as a cautionary tale, but truthfully I’m just more tempted than ever to start buying fleeces! To think of getting so much wool all processed and ready to dye/spin…Sounds heavenly. :)

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