You walk outside, and think that it’s a bit chilly and you should grab a jacket or something. That is, until you look at the thermometer and see that it’s 82F (27.8C). This morning was the first time that I’ve woken up to sub-70F in the morning (outside, that is, it takes the bedroom a bit longer to cool down). Sheer luxury.

I’ve been “shut in” during the hottest weekend of the year. I had lasik surgery on Friday. I spent the weekend in front of the fan, plugged into my iPod and a little TV. It’s amazing, being able to see last thing at night and first thing in the morning, and all the times in between.

To pass the time away, I 2-plied some lace weight cormo that I bought from the Cormo Lady at Spinning in the Winery last month. It’s beautiful. It’s bouncy. I can’t wait to knit with it. I spun 2 bobbins of singles a while back. On Saturday, I filled 1 bobbin of 2-ply, and barely made a dent in the original 2 bobbins. The first bobbin was about 580 yards of 22 wpi yarn. I expect that I will end up with around 1,500-1,800 yards off of the original 2 bobbins of singles. Unfortunately (fortunately?), I still have another 8+ oz of cormo rovings.

In fact, I was so in love with the cormo while spinning the singles, I called the Cormo Lady back and asked for the beautiful silver blue fleece that I saw at the Winery, and had it shipped directly to Morro Fleece Works. Another 6+ pounds or so is on its way to me at some point this summer/fall. I’m in no hurry, I have a lot of other fibers to work through.

In fact, a friend of a friend just sent me a llama and a couple of alpaca fleeces that I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ve only spun llama once, and I hated it…coarse and scritchy. Until I played with some llama and merino blend that Morro Bay Fleece Works had. It’s loverly. I think I’ll have her process it the same way.

By the way, if you haven’t tried pencil rovings processed by Shari from Morro Bay, you have a treat coming. Shari is a wonderful lady, and the stuff that I’ve gotten back from her has been absolutely heavenly to spin. I’ve been very happy with the cormo as well as the Merino X fleeces that I’ve sent her. So much so that she now has about 5 fleeces of mine in the queue… I just have to remember that they are there and not look at the empty space in my garage as an excuse to buy more at these next two events: Dixon Lamb Town and Monterey Wool Auction. Well, maybe just a little fleece.