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TdF Stage 4

Sorry if your feeds are all messed up. I messed up the Stage numbering and went back to edit.

60/40 Targhee/Clun Forest

The next few posts are going to be slow slogs and likely no pictures. Why? The picture on the right should give you an idea…

A full pound of a 60/40 Targhee/Clun Forest blend that Kathleen brought me in April. And some of you will recognize that it’s been blended and prepared by Morro Fleece Works, my favorite processor.

My plan is to spin this woolen for a 3 ply fingering weight yarn. The final intent is for a California weight sweater. I will augment this with the red Mountain Colors Targhee, purchased at CNCH. The red will be the accent color in another yoked sweater.

Hopefully, the spinning for this won’t take too long since I’m using modified long draw to keep it as lofty as possible. (This should be pretty easy to do with the pin drafted roving.) The singles will be lightly spun with a medium/medium-firm ply. The final yarn (and sweater) should be light and warm with a really soft hand.

Control Card

The single is about 32-36 wpi and the 3-ply will be about fingering weight.


TdF Stage 3 – Phooey.


TdF Stage 5 – Same as before

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  1. Amy

    I’m spinning modified long draw for TdF as well. Yes, speedy, but I have trouble keeping the grist of the singles as fine as you. Mine are more the weight of your 2-ply. Any suggestions?

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