TdF Stage 2 – Woohoo!

Spirit Trail Fiberworks Scottish Thistle plied with Lichen. 1700 yards @ ~28 wpi.

It took most of the day, but I did it. It’s just shy of 8 oz (7.93 to be exact). I still have a small bit of Scottish Thistle left on the bobbin.

With the miniSpinner set at 2 O’Clock and the WooLee Winder, this was as mindless as plying can get. I had the 2 singles laced through my fingers of one hand for tensioning. I occasionally tweaked the tension with my pinky, depending on whether I needed more or less twist.

Next up? I have plenty to choose from. And I will work my way through the stash, hitting as many different breeds in The Knitter’s Book of Wool as possible!

2 thoughts on “TdF Stage 2 – Woohoo!”

  1. Yummy! And as I would expect from you, very fine. What’s the wpi? Definitely weavable.

    My TdF spinning is 2.5 lbs of white over black core roving (Jacob) and I’m spinning it long draw so it’s thicker and fuzzier than my normal spinning. Weird…but FAST! I can fill a bobbin in 3-4 hrs.

  2. Your photos of your work are wonderful. Great job. And of course, your spinning is superb as well. Sharolene

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