I woke up to news about the London bombings and had a sense of deja vu. News of these horrible events shouldn’t be so routine.

Yesterday, our family took an outing to Santa Monica for dimsum and a movie. Well, Iris and Mark went to the Aero theatre to see Oliver while I checked out the stores. I noticed something different about Montana avenue. I didn’t realize what was different until I got home. The westside (of LA) has a huge british expat population and I didn’t hear any english accents on the street.

I hung out at L’Atelier on 12th and Montana for a while and knitted. The owner, Leslie, was very nice to knitter’s both seasoned and new. In fact, Leslie let a new knitter take home a pair of needles and a ball of yarn (Stacy Charles, no less!) to get started and then didn’t make her pay for the stuff until she came back the next day for additional knitting lessons! Sadly, there were alot of people hanging out at L’Atelier but not enough people buying. So, if anyone actually reads this blog, go out there and change this!

I bought 5 balls of yarn, 4 of which will become a Mobius shoulder wrap. I will use the remaining ball to trim a plummy wool sweater, part of my haul from the Yarn Lady bag sale.