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Wash Day

Wash Day

I’ve been spinning, but never seem to find the time nor the energy to set the twist of the finished skeins. As you can see, they’ve sort of reproduced. I didn’t realize that I had so many skeins spun up. I have no idea what I will be doing with them, except several skeins are designated sock yarn.

There’s a lovely blend of mohair/silk/wool dubbed Silk Barefoot from Paradise Fibers that I spun up as a 2 ply sock weight yarn. It was an absolute joy to spin. I can’t wait to see how it will knit up and wear. I’ve toyed with the idea of handpaint the skeins before I knit it up, but I think I will leave them white. (There’s a skein of lace weight chinchilla/silk/wool blend in there from Kate too. Luscious doesn’t begin to describe it.)

Then there is the beautiful wool/silk handpaint that I navajo plied into a sock weight yarn. I’ve been told that wool/silk blend is the ultimate sock yarn. We’ll see.

I was stuck in a non-spinning mode for a while. Why? I picked up a whole stack of Spin-Off back issues (ranging from late 80s through early 2000s). As I flipped through these back issues, many of them talked about how you shouldn’t spin without a final product in mind. Well, that did it. I nearly never have an idea of the final product before I start the spinning process. I spin because I enjoy it. And nearly 99% of the time, the project I had in mind when I started to spin the yarn is never the finished yarn wants to be.

Oh well. I got over it. I realized that I would never spin because I can’t plan that far in advance. After all, I don’t even clue of the final project when I buy yarn, why should I have an idea before I spin? So I’m back to spinning for the sheer enjoyment of the process. Finished product be damned. One of these days, I’ll figure out what to do with all that yarn.

What about you?




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  1. Not spin if you don’t have a project in mind? that’s just crazy! I spin everyday and I hardly ever know what it’s for — hmmm…of course I’ve a lot of 300-400 yrd hanks, lol.

  2. Sometimes I have a project in mind. More often I start spinning and the project pops into my mind that will match the yarn.

    I too have a lot of little orphan hanks which I’d like to have more of but they’ll make good hats, mittens or socks.

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