After I read about cabled yarn for sock knitting in Spin-Off, I tore through my stash looking for appropriate fiber to turn into socks. For the first time, I made a sample card that I referenced while I spun. My goal is to make sock weight yarn, similar to one of my favorite sock yarn, Trekking. I love the subtle color shifts.

While spinning, I noticed that the dye in the roving was less saturated on one end than the other. So I started alternate which end I pull off of while spinning. I pulled about 10-15″ hunks. I think the finished yarn will be pretty even.

These Schacht bobbins are huge! When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wound the singles off into a center pull ball, weighed it (4.5 oz), measured it (45 wpi), and started to ply, and ply.

I will be re-spinning this 2-ply to give it additional twist before I cable. At the rate that I’m going, it will be a while before I have sock yarn.

There should be plenty of yardage since I only use about 300 yds of sock yarn per pair of socks for me.