mismatched socks

I finally finished the second sock of the pair I started back in November. No long car trips nor (non-work) meetings, so these sat in a corner of my WIP shelf. When I pulled it out this weekend to work on, I only pulled out the working sock. I didn’t pull out the finished sock as a reference.

How hard is it? I’ve got the formula: 5-60-10-55-10, in 4×1 rib. After I grafted the toe, I pulled out the first sock to put them away. Alarm bells went off. Something’s wrong.

I’ve heard horror stories about mismatched socks, but they generally are issues with matching self-patterning yarn pattern. Those I don’t generally fret about. But this is more than a color mismatch. For whatever reason, in the first sock, I decided not to continue the rib down the top of the foot, which I normally do.

The sock has been frogged back to the heel and reknitted. The matching pair is now sitting happily together in the sock drawer.