The vest is finally done (scroll half way down this entry). It took a while because it sat in a heap, pouting for 6 weeks. I fought with the v-neck, ripped it out twice. I finally decided that it’s “good enough.” I just got tired of fighting with it. I also had to undo the cast on edge around the waist because it was too tight. It ended up being a lot of unproductive work.

But it’s done. And done with my own handspun thick and thin yarn. It’s “rustic.” Hence, the title of the blog. I just wanted a casual back warmer to wear over t-shirts. It actually doesn’t look that bad, but I won’t be submitting it to any county fairs.

Other than that, not much happening here. I washed and set the twist on a bunch of handspun. Way too exciting, eh? (I’m psyching myself up for moving up into Canada. Do you think I’ll pass?)