No, I’m not talking about the political bumps. Well, okay, maybe I am. Just don’t say you haven’t been forewarned.

2 ply sock yarnBut spinning that lumpy bumpy romney/silk batts last week gave me a craving for more. This time, some sock weight yarn. I picked up a tube of deep purple, turquoise, and cotton candy pink rovings at CNCH this past spring. It was 8 oz of 75% wool/20% mohair/5% nylon by Faerber Design Studio. (The color in the photo didn’t capture the deep purple well, but it really is University of Washington purple.)

The roving looks like it was blended on combs, because you can peel off the turquoise and pink strips. I have never spun nylon before, but I assume that it was mostly in the pink stuff because that’s where all the short bits are and thus, what was causing the bumps. It’s an interesting texture. A bit harsher than I like for socks, but I’m game.

The skein is 3.75 oz, and approximately 380 yards. (? I lost count. Need a recall count when I’m not so depressed.) I think I will have enough for a pair of socks and a pair of matching gloves.