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Gordian Knot


This is what happens if you don’t secure your skeins well before wet finishing. Unlike Alexander the Great, I persevered and found one of the ends. (Are you kidding me? It’s 3-ply alpaca!) It took me about an hour to find an end and 6 hours to wind it into a ball.  The trick is to not pull on any ends, but gently shake the wad of yarn to loosen the strand of yarn as you wind it off.  It’s tedious, but I didn’t create any knots this way either.

This is one skein of 4, and the only one that endured tie failure in the wash.  Approximately 1.5 pounds of 3 ply alpaca, DK weight.  It should make a nice sweater or blanket.  I’m thinking blanket since alpaca may stretch too much for a sweater.


Back in the spinning saddle


Cabling Along

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  1. Grace

    OMG, what a nightmare.

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