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Back in the spinning saddle

I’ve been fighting with my Schacht Matchless for some months now.  It’s been bugging me. I couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot between drive wheel tension and draw in tension.  My poly cord and scotch tension combo wasn’t working. I tied on a double drive cord. Nope, that’s not it either. I changed out the poly cord for a cotton cord. Nope. Not it either.  Something just wasn’t right.

Thank goodness I have lots of other spinning wheels. :)

This week, I had an epiphany. It was a really stupid rookie mistake. Since I got the Butterfly, I wanted to go FAST. So, I put on the high speed whorl on my Matchless.  Guess what? I don’t have a high speed bobbin for my WooLee Winder. I’ve been trying to get the high speed whorl to work with the regular bobbin. Just let me tell you, it doesn’t.

I swapped back to the fast whorl and now everything is happy again.  I’m back in the saddle.


To Split or Not to Split…


Gordian Knot

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  1. Oh yes. I have done that. It really doesn’t work. If you need high speed bobbins, I know where to find them. ;-)

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