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Scarf Progress 6 – Fini!

scarf-leftThis is all that was left of the ball of yarn after I casted off the last stitch. I was really sweating it there for a few minutes.  How much was left? Not enough to register on my scale.  But that could be anything less than 2 grams.  I didn’t break out the niddy noddy to measure out the length.

Once I started knitting, it went quickly. Of course, I didn’t do much all weekend except knit.  The only outing was to a boat chistening and a Floato-de-Mayo party at the club (something about not saying “sink” around boats).

I didn’t like the first blocking attempt, so the scarf is back in a nice warm tub while I get ready for another round with pins and wires.

scarf-teaserThere will be no more posts on the scarf until after the submission deadline has come to pass.  I’ll leave you with this little teaser.

It’ll be nice to get back to normal programming around here. I haven’t spun since I left Wisconsin! Can you believe it? And there’s a new baby that appeared on the scene while we were in Wisconsin, 3 weeks early. I haven’t worked on a baby anything. His older brother received this as his welcome, so what will I need to do to top that? Maybe something woven?

(I understand the toddler still sleeps with his blanket every night. It’s always gratifying to hear that.)


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  1. Ooooh! I like it! Looking forward to the unveiling.

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