scarf-swatchSwatch done.

Yes, it’s knitted lace. Not much of a surprise there, is it?

The top of the diamond is darker than the bottom. This is because the color of the fleece varied lock by lock.  The swatch shows definite bands of color, creating a variegated yarn. I like it.

The swatch was pro forma. It didn’t really tell me much, since the sample already told me most of the information I needed. The yarn I chose to work the sample in is approximately the same size as the yarn I spun, so the gauge and needle size has already been determined.  The swatch just confirmed that I was still on target.

So why swatch? It’s one of the contest requirements. The swatch ate up another 5 grams of yarn.  This leaves me approximately 35 grams of yarn for the scarf, or about 145 yards.

On the positive side, I was able to test out the cast off method I chose on the swatch. All is good.