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Venus Transit?

Sometimes, things align themselves just so. You best heed the call and just do it.

I was in a spinning class with Judith MacKenzie where she briefly mentioned how to full your finished yarn before knitting it up. Then I promptly forgot about it.

And while I was playing with my colorful swatches, I thought that one way to give the yarn a bit more structure was to lightly full the yarn, using the method Judith described.

While bopping around the blog world the other day, I saw Kim’s entry about yarn color names. She mentioned Classic Elite’s Waterspun and that tickled something in the back of my brain.

Then, at last night’s Guild meeting, I picked up a back issue of Spin-Off, where someone fulled their yarn before knitting with it, which a nod to Judith’s method of using 2 Rubbermaid bins, one with hot water and one with cold, and a toilet plunger.

Guess what I’ll be doing sometime in the near future?


Linen Stitch


Felted Yarn

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  1. I’ve thought of doing that before. I’m interested in hearing out it turns out.

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