Yup. While I was swatching away, I remembered the workshop that I took with Karen Alfke at the Gig Harbor Retreat. Her enthusiasm for the linen stitch was contageous. But, for some reason, I forgot all about it when I got home. But something tickled my brain while I was swatching (I think it was my dread for using itsy bitsy needles), and I casted on with US #7 needles. Wow! I was in love again.

But there was still the issue of striping. Then, I thought, why not break up the striping with alternating rows of 2 different strands? And, voila! There is still some striping, but it’s broken up by the alternate color rows.

You’ll notice that one edge is cleaner than the other. That’s the edge where I’m carrying the yarn over 2 rows. So, while I’m trying to relax the opposite edge, I changed my gauge, and the piece got wider. Although, once I knit on an edging, that slight sloppiness will disappear into the seams and edging.

Back to the linen stitch. Despite using US #7, the fabric is firm. That’s caused by slipping every other stitch. The finished fabric is comparable to the fabric knitted with US #2 in stockinette stitch. Pretty neat, huh?

It’s fast. It’s easy. It uses “big” needles. AND, it breaks up the stripes. I can’t wait to start the vest. But I have to get some of the current works on needles out of the way first.