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Curiously Addictive


2013 Spring Cleaning #6


Deb Menz Blanket. I haven’t posted an update since 2009! I have worked on it but haven’t felt any love in a long time.

While thinking about 2013 Spring Cleaning, I thought that I might rip it and do something different with it. But once I took it out for its photo shoot, I realize that I quite like how it is turning out. The reason I haven’t felt any love was that it is now large enough that it’s not easy to drag around.


Keep on knitting! I will move my Mitered Non-Cross blanket back to on-the-go knitting since it is so portable. I’ll put this by my chair for TV knitting — after I finish my Hexagons, that is.

The current size is 26″ x 30″. It’s still a long way from a usable size.


There are several ten stitch blanket patterns on Ravelry. Mine is 12 stitches wide and made up before the pattern came out. If you are interested in making one of these, you can read up on how I came up with the pattern (recipe) or just use one of the free published pattern on Ravelry.

I added a few twists and turns when I got bored going in one direction.

Mitered Non-Cross


I didn’t like my faroese styled shawl. It’s been 3 years since I made it. I’ve never worn it. It was time.

So I ripped it and started a mindless, knit whenever project. I started it nearly a year ago as a hospital project. Dad was in for a minor day surgery at Stanford. It was fortuitous that I started with the red yarn instead of Cal blue.

MiteredStackI had purchased enough Silk Garden Sock years ago to make 2 stripey shawls: 3 each of S8 (green-blue-purple) and S64 (pink-red-orange), and 6 of S269 (natural). I will update the quantity above as I actually use the skeins.

My blanket will be an interpretation of the Mitered Cross Blanket for Japan.

  • I will not be making crosses. They don’t speak to me. The miters are solid. There may be an odd 2 colored miters as I feel like it.
  • It will be a traditional stacked quilt squares rather than staggered. I like symmetry.
  • Silk Garden Sock makes smaller blocks than the regular Silk Garden. My blocks are 10”x10”. Nominally, mine will consist of 20 blocks (4×5), or until I get bored, or run out of yarn.

So far, 6 blocks from 2 skeins of S84.

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