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A bevy of scarves

Left to Right:

  1. CNCH Scarf 1: This scarf was woven by a guild for the CNCH committee members. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the slip of paper that came with this scarf that tell me who wove it and the pattern. I do know that they had to dye the tencel yarn in CNCH colors in the warp. It is lovely. The pattern was from a past issue of Handwoven. As soon as I find it, I’ll post the information.
  2. CNCH Scarf 2: Laura had dyed some of her luscious super wash BFL in CNCH colors. I requested that she dye a few hanks of it in the same purple. The end result is the scarf you see above. 15 ends per inch.
  3. Tencel Scarf: I purchased the 10/2 tencel from Just Our Yarn at Stitches West. The warp is a purple base and the weft is a light blue base. The pattern is a point draft. I had to simplify from my original design because I felt the pattern was lost in the handpainted yarn.

The biggest question is what I’ll do with all these scarves. I used to wear scarves as accessories all the time, but that was back in the 80s. With my interest in trying different patterns on the loom, and that a scarf is the perfect sampler, I suddenly have a surplus of scarves. I think I’ll be wearing scarves again.


If I can’t entice you go come join in on the fun at CNCH in Santa Clara this weekend, perhaps this will. Tien‘s wedding dress and coat will be in the fashion show as well as in the gallery on Saturday and Sunday.

This year, CNCH has partnered with PenWAG for the fashion show. In addition to Tien’s wedding ensemble, there will be lots of other fabulous garments in the show. After the Friday night fashion show, the garments will be on display in the gallery for the remainder of the weekend.  Daily admission to the gallery, exhibits and market is $10.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down!

Curiously Addictive

Crocheted Flowers

Made with assorted leftover handspun and sock yarn. Pattern can be found here. You need to have a Lion Brand website account. But if you are like me, you use this.

And if you want to know what they are for, you just need to come to CNCH!

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