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A bevy of scarves

Left to Right:

  1. CNCH Scarf 1: This scarf was woven by a guild for the CNCH committee members. Unfortunately, I have misplaced the slip of paper that came with this scarf that tell me who wove it and the pattern. I do know that they had to dye the tencel yarn in CNCH colors in the warp. It is lovely. The pattern was from a past issue of Handwoven. As soon as I find it, I’ll post the information.
  2. CNCH Scarf 2: Laura had dyed some of her luscious super wash BFL in CNCH colors. I requested that she dye a few hanks of it in the same purple. The end result is the scarf you see above. 15 ends per inch.
  3. Tencel Scarf: I purchased the 10/2 tencel from Just Our Yarn at Stitches West. The warp is a purple base and the weft is a light blue base. The pattern is a point draft. I had to simplify from my original design because I felt the pattern was lost in the handpainted yarn.

The biggest question is what I’ll do with all these scarves. I used to wear scarves as accessories all the time, but that was back in the 80s. With my interest in trying different patterns on the loom, and that a scarf is the perfect sampler, I suddenly have a surplus of scarves. I think I’ll be wearing scarves again.




Failed Experiment

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  1. Amy

    hi there….

    I think the JOY scarf turned out nicely. I keep my drafts simple — twills mostly — for their yarn too.

    Nice job!

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