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Spring Bobby Socks

Socks 0806 - Bobby SocksSpecs:
Yarn: 3-ply handspun; Superwash Merino from Crown Mountain Farm in “Say A Little Prayer” colorway (retired colorway).
Needles: US Size 0 (2.00 mm)
Gauge: 7.5 spi
Pattern: My generic toe up socks, with 2×2 ribbing on top and up the leg; 64 sts.

Why Bobby Socks? I intend to wear these with the cuff rolled down. I’m showing it this way because the socks seem so oddly formed — very skinny and long. As I was knitting it, I kept thinking, “There is no way that this will fit. The foot is too long!”, even though I fitted the sock as I went to determine the location of the heel. That’s what 2×2 ribbing does. It pulls it up nice and snug.

This is a good thing to remember if you are making socks for someone as a gift. The 2×2 rib is very forgiving.

I’m now happy with the heel. I know why it does what it does on the k2tog side. My forward yarn-over is much looser than my backwards yarn-over, and the k2tog is loosey goosey, causing the ugliness. I fixed this by slipping the yarn-over stitch while maintaining the twist in the stitch. The twist tightens everything up quite nicely. Yes, the 2 sides do not match, but that’s only under close scrutiny. No one will be looking at my foot that closely, I assure you. If they do, they might get a swift kick in the nose.

As I was knitting the leg on the second sock, I realized that this is a perfect set up for the blueberry waffle pattern. (2 rows of 2×2 ribbing, followed by 2 rows plain stockinette.) I will have to try this next time, since I’ve never made the blueberry waffle socks before. I would most likely only do this on the leg portion of the sock, since I don’t really like any type of patterning on top of my foot. Even ribbing bothers me. I’m a princess when it comes to my socks.

I still have close to a pound of this colorway, spun in various weights: 2 ply DK, and 3 ply fingering. The 3 ply from the 8 oz. that I originally bought for socks (this pair and the tennis socks), and the remainder of the 1.5 pounds I spun for the baby blanket. While I love the spring green, I am getting a bit weary of all it. 3 projects out of the same yarn/color is a bit over the top. I can’t bear to think about a 4th or a 5th. I think I will be sending the remainder of this yarn to Kim, who is expecting a baby this summer. Since the baby room is Jungle themed, perhaps she can do something with the green. (Kim, are you interested?)

Earth Hour 2008

I had a lovely dinner and read a book by the light of candles and oil lamps at my house during Earth Hour 2008. How about you?

Actually, I had 2 lovely evenings in a row by candle light. A transformer blew near the club on Friday night, just as dinner was winding down. I spent the rest of the evening talking with friends by candle light. It was lovely.


I stayed up past 1 AM last night finishing warping my loom. I did a shortcut on the warp, and it definitely did not wind on like butter, as it should have. It wasn’t horrible, but I now know not to take that particular short cut!

Once complete, I wove a couple of shots of plain tabby to check my warp.

Gamp Warp

See that bit of ugliness on the left? Despite triple and quadruple checking my warp, I still made that stupid mistake. I put 1 thread through one heddle, and 3 in the next, instead of 2 each. (This had nothing to do with my shortcut, by the way.) While this will even out in the wash once it is off the loom, it still bothers me.

After a good night’s sleep, I decided to unweave and fix the warp. The good news is that the error was in the reeds only, so it was easy to unweave, and fix the problem from the front of the loom.

The fix is on the right. It makes me much happier. Onward to the tie ups.

Tech Specs: 8/2 cotton, alternating green and white; 20 epi on 10 dent reed.

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