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Painted Socks

What do you get when you put a warping board, Knitpicks Bare sock yarn, and some dye together?

On the Warping Board
I love it when a tool can serve double duty. The warping board pegs are about 18″ apart — a bit more than the recommended 15″, but close enough for me!

Ready to Dye
All tied off and ready to dye!

Dipped and Ready to Steam
Dipped in dye stock, wrapped in plastic wrap, and ready for zapping in the microwave. Unfortunately, after 3 minutes in the nuker, I realized I forgot to add vinegar! Smooshed some vinegar into each pouch and back to the nuker.

I couldn’t wait. I washed and dried the yarn in the dryer (gotta love superwash sock yarn) and knitted this up right away. I think it turned out pretty well! I’m not fond of the blue in there, but it still doesn’t look to bad.

Would I do this again? Quite honestly? I don’t know. It was a pain to wind off the yarn. Part of the problem was that I felted it slightly when smooshing in the vinegar and then the dryer action. But it still was a pain in the butt to wind off because you can’t do it on a swift. I hung it up on the pegs to wind off gently from the warping board. It was slow going. Then, I wound off to a center pull ball, and then divided into 2 somewhat equal center pull balls so that they start at the same location in the color repeats. Very tedious. I think the winding off part took as long as all the rest put together! But I do love how crisp the lines are.

Dye Day

Okay, you know it’s been too long since you last dye fiber when…you forget to presoak the yarn and the fiber. Then you forget to add the vinegar.

It was a gorgeous day outside. Just the right type of day to pull out the dye pots and play with color. Thankfully, nothing unrepairable. I just hope that I “cooked” the yarn long enough once I remembered the vinegar for the colors to set correctly. I even remembered that a couple of the colors I used are notoriously bad about exhausting, plus the fact that I used way too much of the said dye to get the saturated color I wanted. The yarn refuses to rinse clear.

The last batch of fiber is brewing on the back porch in my electric turkey roaster. I can’t wait.


Spunky Eclectic Lichen

Spunky Eclectic – Colorway Lichen

You can see the difference in the color intensity between the roving that’s been split (small ball on the lower right), pre-drafted (big puffy balls), and what is spun (singles). The color lightens quite a bit after it has been pre-drafted, but intensifies again when spun into singles.

Happy Vernal Equinox, everyone!

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