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Please, stop me

I just got back from the Black Sheep Handweavers Guild monthly meeting, where I saw lots of wonderful projects that people have worked on over their summer vacation. Now, I have this urge to give weaving another try. Please, please, please, someone stop me. I should just accept that I can appreciate these beauties without having to make them myself. I really did not enjoy my weaving class that much. It was fun while it lasted, but it didn’t inspire me the way spinning and knitting do.

As for knitting, I’m zipping along on the sweater vest. I’m almost finished with the back. I should be able to start the front this weekend. And this is where all the fun begins. I’ll try and take some pictures this weekend of the project. Then again, maybe not.

The weather down here has finally cooled down enough to wear socks again, so I’ll probably get back to knitting socks again. Especially since I’m actually wearing shoes again so that I can ride my scooter safely.

I can’t stand it

I yearn for the days when I fall asleep immediately when Arnold’s name come across the big screen at the beginning of a movie. Perhaps when I wake up, I’ll find that this was all a bad dream.

Here’s an email from my brother-in-law last night that says it all.

Ann Dahling: Ve hope dat by tonight you ar very much enjoying your new Gov’ner. Und are ve buying lederhosen to ride to de vork at de Google Platz? De Vespas they are very popoolar in Wein, und I am chur de are going to more popoolar in Kaliyfornia now dat you hav a big strong man as your leeder, one who vill make de gassoline more expensive. Vishing you many congratulations on de new regime govmint.

Guten Abend.

Ian (or, in Kaliyfornia, Johannes)

Tomorrow, I’ll go back to fiber content. I promise.

No on The Recall

I just realized that, for the first time in over 20 years, Grace and I reside in the same state. This will be the first election that she and I are both eligible to vote in the state of California, at the same time. Not very interesting to anybody else, but just a random thought that blipped in my consciousness.

I came across this article, with 10 “Recall Dos and Don’ts.” Good read for those of you who haven’t made up your mind on how you’ll be voting tomorrow.

Another good resource is Project Vote Smart. They have a list of all the gubenatorial candidates. Click on their name to see where they stand on the issues and the results of their National Political Awareness Test (NPAT).

Hey, Grace. Did you remember to mail in your absentee ballot?

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