I can’t stand it

I yearn for the days when I fall asleep immediately when Arnold’s name come across the big screen at the beginning of a movie. Perhaps when I wake up, I’ll find that this was all a bad dream.

Here’s an email from my brother-in-law last night that says it all.

Ann Dahling: Ve hope dat by tonight you ar very much enjoying your new Gov’ner. Und are ve buying lederhosen to ride to de vork at de Google Platz? De Vespas they are very popoolar in Wein, und I am chur de are going to more popoolar in Kaliyfornia now dat you hav a big strong man as your leeder, one who vill make de gassoline more expensive. Vishing you many congratulations on de new regime govmint.

Guten Abend.

Ian (or, in Kaliyfornia, Johannes)

Tomorrow, I’ll go back to fiber content. I promise.