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Silver Lining

It’s been a hell of a week. Each day presented new challenges. This morning’s challenge was backed up sewer lines through the toilets. Both toilets.


So, while waiting for the plumber, and while he did his thing *, I pulled out the big drill (pre-drill the holes) and the materials for the new raddle that I have been meaning to make for the Gilmore Gem II. It will have 1/2 spacers. I am using screw eyes for my spacers so I can slide a rod through the eyes to keep all my threads in place. I’ve even sanded down the piece of wood, rounded out all the sharp edges and put a boat of orange oil wax on it.

It’ll take me a while to put all 45 screw eyes in. So, for now, I think a margarita lunch is called for. No?

* It was a giant root ball in the main line to the street.


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I’m back! Fabulous Trip. Catching a cold half way through the trip? Not so fabulous. But wow, it’s gorgeous out there!

Remember the Monk’s Bag? Perfect. It became my day bag while I was on the boat. It held all the little stuff that you need through out the day: lip balm, hair clip/band, Kindle, dive notebook, camera and swimsuit wrap. It allowed me to  carry it around in a nice neat package instead of stuff hanging out all over.

It also saved me because I made a slight miscalculation in my packing and needed to check my carry on rolling bag. I was able to pull a few necessities out of the bag before checking it and put it into the Monk’s Bag.

And a slight clarification on the length of the strap…it’s too short to wear it across your chest, a la messenger bag, but perfect length when just slung over one shoulder.

Happy Dong Zhi!

Tang Yuen. Photo by Bok.

What is Dong Zhi and what do these little morsels have to do with it?

Dong Zhi is the Chinese Winter Solstice celebration. Winter Solstice has been observed in China as early as 2500 years ago. Tang Yuen are little glutinous rice flour dumplings, served in a sugar syrup. Yum!

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone!

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