The past four days at Madrona was a wonderful way to wrap up my visit to Washington.  It was nice to relax and erase all the problems and heartache of the past few weeks.  Great friends, good food & wine, great conversations, great instructors, wonderful handknits.  What more could one ask for?  There are no pictures.  What happens in Madrona, stays in Madrona.  (But we need to remember the sippy cup trick for next year!)

Yvonne made a collection of small handmade bags to hang on your spinning and capture all the small crap that you pull out of your fiber.  She handed them out to friends that she sees only once a year at Madrona. (What a wonderful idea!)  Mine was a crocheted cotton bag in purple with lots of pretty iridescent beads.  Eat your heart out, Eva!  (There was a reason that I didn’t show it to you yesterday.)

Believe it or not, I was fairly restrained at the market.  I have fiber and yarn to last me through the next ice age, so I vowed to not go overboard and buy everything in sight.  I fell off the wagon a little bit at Dicentra Designs because Lisa has such a wonderful eye for colors.  A few drop spindles also fell into my bag.

I have a few more appointments with the workmen tomorrow before I wend my way south again.  Here’s to hoping no snow in the passes! I’ve planned ahead and purchased the chains for my car at the dealership in California last month.  It’s my insurance.  If I have them, then I won’t need them.