Grace is only partially correct. I do like minimally processed yarn. But that’s not the reason that I don’t have any super wash hanging about.

I generally knit for myself.  And for myself, I don’t mind hand laundering my woolens.  The exception are my socks.  85% of my hand knit socks are machine washable.  I toss them in with my permanent press (warm/cold) load and toss them in the dryer.  Occasionally, I’ll hang them up to dry, depending on how low my sock drawer is and how desperate I am for clean socks.

So, the only time I buy super wash yarn is when I have a specific gift project in mind and I’m either not certain how the recipient will take care of the woolens, or when I want to make it as effortless for the recipient as possible.  After all, I want the gift to be used/worn, not displayed.  Or worse, hidden away in a dresser or box.

So, super wash yarn in this house is only purchased when I’m ready to cast on for a project.  And since I’m such a procrastinator, it’s usually when the baby is ready to pop or the scheduled visit is the following weekend.

P.S. I’ve already casted on my next project.  It’s turning out to be the perfect mindless project when my head is stuffy or woozy from the cold meds.  Pictures soon.