Sorry I haven’t been able to post any pictures lately. I just haven’t had the day light hours to take any pictures. Not that I really had anything to show. I’ve only had the attention span to knit couple of rows here and there. I’m still working on the raglan, knitted top down, using my own handspun. I’ve also started a fingerless glove with the primary colored singles that used to be the Klein Bottle hat.

But I did notice that there’s a Rogue knit-a-long brewing at Amber’s. I haven’t been much for knit-a-longs, but this is one beautiful hoodie. I just love the way the cable is worked around the neckline. I may just end up signing up for it. But that will be right in the middle of the move (2nd one in 6 months — I’m going to shoot myself), and I’ll be at the Gig Harbor Winter Retreat in mid-February. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to have time to find the yarn. Although I’m thinking Cascade Paztaza would work well. I think I can get the right gauge if I change to size 8 needles. Although the Peruvian Collection Wool at Elann would be nice too. What’s everyone using for this sweater?

Oh! Look what Martin bought me! It’s the Quilt Weaver’s Set from Hazel Rose Looms in Australian Lacewood.

See? Attention span of a gnat.