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Happy 2004!

Happy 2004! I haven’t completely disappeared. I’ve been busy doing a whole lot of nothing, and it feels great. A little spinning, a little knitting, a little swatching, and a lot of sleeping and spending time with my sweetie. I finished off a bunch of little knitted Christmas presents.

Here’s one …

dc-tail.jpg rt-tail.jpg

Can you tell what it is? And which is the real one?

Of course, real is relative. The second photo is provided by my very gracious model, Rosie Toes. The first photo is the tail of the Davie Crockett hat, courtesy of Knitty. Believe it or not, I was wandering around the yarn store the day before Knitty came out, and came across a felted fur bag. I looked at it and kept seeing a felted ‘coon skin hat. I bought some Cascade 220 and, get this, exactly the same fur as described in the Knitty pattern. Of course, when Knitty came out, I decided that I would skip a whole lot of work (swatching, felt the swatch, make up a pattern), and just use the pattern in Knitty. It was FUN! But not an experience that I want to try again. It is impossible to see the stitches in the fur. It was not an enjoyable experience.

Of course, since it’s a present for Martin’s great nephew, we didn’t really have a hat model of the appropriate size, until I came across our Hedgehog.



It’s a … chimera?


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  1. Kerstin

    haha! What a great photo! I believe we have that same hedgehog somewhere around here. Too cute. :)

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