I’m almost finished with my vest. I’m about 40% finished with the I-cord edgings. Then, it’s just a matter of finding separating zippers of the right color. Yeah, right. I’ll be lucky if I can find something close and approximately the right length.

I also finished spinning the hand dyed wool from Banana Belt I bought earlier this spring. I’ve settled on the Seaweed vest from Sweaters from Camp. I found some dark green Cascade 220 to use as the main color, and knitted up a swatch this weekend. The gauge is very different, since the yarn is worsted weight. But thanks to the excellent write-up on how she arrived at the design, I was able to rework the pattern for Martin with my gauge.

So I have a huge incentive to finish my current vest. But then, I also bought some Jaeger Matchmaker yarn to make the Lavold vest in Knitters. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.