I’m zipping along on the vest. Part of me is bored with all the stockinette stitch, but the other part of me can’t stop because I can’t wait to see what the finished piece will look like. Will it end up as I envisioned it? So far so good. Actually, almost exactly as I envisioned it.

I’ve modified the pattern a bit from the way I had originally written it. I wasn’t looking forward to all the piecing, since the 2 front pieces are worked as 2 separate pieces each. I decided to work the 2 colors using intarsia, after the top of the pocket. This is my first intarsia work since my “Death by Intarsia” class in spring. I think I did pretty well.

Here’s what the back of the piece looks like. Click on the image to see the front of the piece. (Sorry about the quality of the picture. I’m using the old digital camera, because Martin has the good one up in Seattle.)

Intarsia Back

The edge stitch on the yellow is a bit loose. I think it’s because I’m not pulling tight enough on the working yarn when I return to it. That first stitch is worked as a purl stitch, and I’m just not getting even tension there. I’ve tried really yanking on the yarn on that stitch, but it still won’t even out. I’ll have to keep practicing.

And yes, that’s an ebony circular kneedle. I needed a new size 6 circular, and I came across the Susanne’s ebony circulars. They were only a few dollars more than the Addis, so I splurged. I can’t resist exotic hardwoods. I think it’s the sailor in me. And yes, I gloated to Martin. Thank goodness he understands. He can’t resist them either. Unfortunately, we had to give up quite a bit of our hardwood collection in the move south. They went to good homes though. Mostly to other wooden boat owners and the boat modeling non-profit organization. Some of the woods included Honduras Rosewood, Purpleheart, teaks, mahogany. For now, I’ll restrict my collection to drop spindles. Satisfies the petting/fondling needs as well as being functional.

Speaking of functional pieces of wood. I got a call from Fiberworks, and they are starting on my drumcarder!!! I should get it around Christmas. I had to decide on a wood on the phone, because I didn’t know what I wanted when I ordered it. While I was on the phone with Erika, she mentioned the Enlish Walnut that they have in the shop right now. I immediately googled the wood, and fell in love. Just check out the grain on this baby. I’ll have to pay a premium for this wood, but the way I figure it, I’m already paying an arm and a leg for this piece of functional art, what’s a few dollars more?