Flower Hat

Flower Hat for Iris is complete.

Pattern: Flower Hat, from Knit-A-Hat by Ruth Sørensen
Yarn: Kauni Effektgarn 8/2, colorway EG (foreground) and ET (background)
Needles: 3.50 mm

The finished hat weighs about 60 grams, with the background color weighing in just a hair more, but fairly close to 50/50.  It only took less than 2-3 days to knit, but that included quite a bit of ripping back and reknitting.  Assuming all goes well, it can definitely be done in a weekend.

The colors are pretty true in this picture.  I would have like a bit more contrast between the 2 colors.  By complete coincidence, the greyscale matched up on the 2 balls of yarn when I picked it up to knit.  If I shifted one of them, the contrast might be better, but I think I also want a color shift.  I may go ahead and order ball of Kauni in a different colorway.  (I still have about 130 grams of each color left.)

And get a load of the depth of the hat! It’s a full 9″. Even with a Sarah Palin’s little up-do, I can’t fill the hat.  But that was with the hat sitting slightly above the ears.  I would imagine that Iris would wear it over her ears while skiing.

And the hand?  Yes, it softened up somewhat after its bath, but I still think that a lining wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Would I do this pattern again?  Most definitely.  I really like the leaf pattern, but with a different contrast yarn.  I also picked up a little bag pattern that I’d like to make.  There’s a whole lot of yarn remaining.

Actually, there might be enough yarn for a vest in there.  Hmmm.