WashDayI love wash days around here. It’s so colorful. Several of these skeins have been sitting around, waiting for their turn in the bath.

I have a new strategy for setting the twist. I squeeze the water out of the skein with my hands but I don’t spin the water out nor roll it between towels. I just put it on the hanger and let the weight of the water to weigh the skein. I have found that this does a great job of removing any kinks without losing the liveliness/bounce of the yarn since the weight (water) is removed as the skein dries.

Of course, this works better during the summer than it does in winter.  However, I have rigged up a second shower rod in the guest bath centered over the tub and a few inches from the ceiling. This allows items to drip dry into the tub without messy water everywhere.

SkeinsHere they are, all dry and put away. Pretty, aren’t they? From top to bottom:

  • Rainbow Farms Pygora: Loch Ness (50/50 Pygora/Cormo), Seattle (60/35/5 Pygora, Merino, Silk). 4.23 oz, 512 yds, 2 ply. Spun and plied on Tina II.
  • BFL (purchased at Whidbey Island Spin In, can’t find label): one skein more blue, one more minty green. 462 yds (6.03 oz) and 522 yds (6.32 oz) respectively. Spun on Matchless, plied on mSpinner.
  • The Wacky Windmill: Gloomy Day, Superwash Wool (feels like merino). 4.26 oz, 270 yds. Spun and plied on Matchless.
  • Fibermorphosis: Superwash Merino. 11.11 oz, 1,456 yds, 3 ply. Spun on Matchless, plied on mSpinner.