Sigh. I still don’t have high speed internet access from the new place, and I’m feeling put out. It was supposed to be up and running yesterday, but they still hadn’t finished programming something or another as of 11 am today. It still wasn’t finished when I got home, but I didn’t feel like spending yet another 45 minutes on hold. So, I just have to suffer along with a dial up connection. I haven’t been reading much of the web logs out there either because I feel strange checking the sites out while at work, since I’ve been temporarily relegated to team sized cubicle-land.

I have been busy though. I finally finished the pair of Crusoe socks. I had to cast on 56 stitches in order for it to fit me. I have wide feet, but I didn’t think they were that big. I saw in someone else’s blog that they too had to adjust the number of stitches to make it work.

After 2 weeks in California, I’ve decided that I need a new casual wardrobe. The Seattle “summer” clothes are just not going to work down here (unless it’s during winter and early spring/late fall). I’ve decided to put off knitting any more socks until I finish knitting up a couple of cotton short sleeve sweaters. Not that I’ve worn socks since I’ve been down here.

Pictures of my progress will come when I get my high speed internet connection up and running.

By the way, I did finish the felted bag in time for The Blacksheep Gathering, where it made its debut.