I just wanted to say that life is going to get a little hectic in the next few weeks so I won’t have time to blog. I received and accepted an offer from the company down in California (remember the trip from hell?). I start on June 23rd, so I’ll be a bit busy packing up my stuff and finding a place to live. Martin’s staying behind for a while to finish packing up the rest of the house and follow me down later in the summer — after we get our house rented.

I’m going to stop by The Black Sheep Gathering on my way down I-5, before I start my new job. Hey, a girl’s got to have her priorities, right? Right? Of course she does. I’ve even signed up for the Orenburg Lace spinning class.

Anyway, posts are going to be sporadic, and probably no pictures until I get myself set up and organized down there.