Bump of Spinderella ThrumsI overestimated what my free time looks like. Since I signed up, I have only been able to spin just under one bump (1 bobbin full) of the Spinderella Thrums. Of 8 bumps. Less than one out of EIGHT.  That’s less than 12% of goal #1.

What have I been doing? What haven’t I been doing might be an easier question.

Take yesterday for example.

I was out of bed and in the pool by 0800 for my SCUBA lessons. Then it was off to storage to locate my ancient golf clubs.  A quick stop at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions that have been waiting for me for 2 days.  Another quick stop at the deli counter to pick up a sandwich to eat on the road, but snacks for the cruise out dinner.  Home to wash/wipe down the golf clubs (haven’t used them in 15 years).  A quick shower to get the clorine off. Then it was off across the bay to meet up with the cruisers for a 9 hole round of golf.  (Did I say that I haven’t used my clubs in 15 years?)  Followed by dinner and awards.  I was home by 2200.

I was out of the house again this morning by 1000 and didn’t return until 2100.  I just finished up some laundry.  I hope the towels and swimsuit will be ready to hit the pool again tomorrow by 0800.

I still have to squeeze in some reading on the manuals of my new SCUBA gear and a few chapters of the PADI book.

The rest of the week doesn’t look much better.  I have more PADI lessons, doctors appointments, oil change appointment, plus planning, shopping, cooking and decorating for a Greek Island Time party that I am co-hosting at the club this Saturday — for 100 people.

As people keep commenting, where did I ever find the time to hold a full time job that required a minimum of 60 hours a week?