I celebrated the day by doing laundry.  No, seriously.  My order for Wonder Wash and Spin Dryer finally arrived yesterday.  So what better way to celebrate the longest day of the year by doing a couple of loads of laundry and putting them out on the drying rack.

I did a normal load of white permanent press in my front loading washer, without the extra spin.  Ran the load through Spin Dryer to see how much water remained.  I had to separate it into 2 spin loads since it was a fairly large load.  I only got about 2 cups of extra water out.  So, the spin cycle in my washer is already fairly efficient.  Since I normally do the extra spin cycle to reduce drying time, I’m not sure that the Spin Dryer buys anything extra on a regular load.  But, it will be great for drying fiber, yarn, and sweaters!

I also did a small delicates load in the Wonder Wash, since my delicates never fully justify a full wash load.  This worked out great.  In under 5 minutes, the load is washed and in the Spin Dryer, even with 2 rinse cycles, and it used less than 1.5 of water for the full cycle (I put too much water in)!  The Spin Dryer spun out about a 1/2 gallon of water.

Everything was almost dry before I had a chance to finish hanging everything out on the clothesline.  Of course, having it be a 90+F day helps.

I can see the Wonder Wash used for a lot of my knitted garments.  Did you know that the WonderWash can fully wet your fabric in less than a minute?  This would be really handy for those spur of the moment dye projects.  No more soaking your skeins or fiber overnight before you can start dyeing!

This weekend is another cruise out — The Summer Sailstice.  I gotta run and get the boat ready!

How are you celebrating the longest day of the year?